Function Line Duo

SKU: Function Line Duo

Duo – Two Spindle Aggregate Head

Aggregate heads are used for:

  • Speeding operations by combining tasks
  • Reducing the number of tool changes needed
  • Creating custom profiles and mortises
  • Faster sizing and grooving (saw blade)

Use Duo aggregates to add 4th axis capability to your CNC router for faster manufacturing when more than one tool is required, to combine routing, boring, mortising, and sawing operations.

Function Line aggregates are grease lubricated for standard duty operation. They provide the greatest number of configurations and application specific tool output options to increase CNC router productivity. Choose from a wide variety of tool outputs (see below).


Output Options:  
Boring, Routing, and Sawing
Spindle Speed Max.
  10,000 RPM
Tool Speed Max.
  15,000 RPM
Aggregate rotates 360°
Gear Ratio
Spindle Direction
Maximum Torque
  15 ft. lbs.
Maximum Temp.
  185° F
Outputs Available
  M5, R6, S1, S2

 M5 - ER 25 Collet

 R6 - ER 32 Collet

S1 - Saw Blade 30mm x 45mm

S2 - Saw Blade 30mm x 52mm