Function Line Floating Aggregate

SKU: Function Line Floating Aggregate

Floating Aggregate Features

• Accurately follows material surface
• Compensates up to 10mm
• Pressure adjusts from 1/4 to 20 lbs.

The floating aggregate head accurately follows the contours of your stock so cutting depth remains constant even if surface varies as much as 10mm.

The aggregate comes with the standard floating bell, an ER 25 or ER 32 spindle output (your choice) and a wrench. The convenient presetting feature allows you to perform fast tool adjustments. There is a compressed air connection on the aggregate to provide dust evacuation.

Options include a variety of floating bells, shoes, and sleighs that are all interchangeable, various spindle outputs, and for improved dust control we recommend the Chip Guide. See below for details.

Optional Chip Guide

A “Finalist” in the the 2008 IWF Challenger Award Competition, Techniks Floating Aggregate w/Chip Guide evacuates chips directly into the CNC router’s chip exhaust hood, practically eliminating chip contamination problems.



Spindle Speed* 18,000 RPM / 24,000 RPM
Floating Range 10 mm (with 10 mm adjustment)
Floating Pressure adjustable from 1/4 lb. to 20 lbs.
Rotation 360 degrees
Gear Ratio 1:1
*24,000 RPM for high speed and/or small cutting tools.
Floating Bell** 70 mm deep X 105 mm I.D.
Maximum Torque 20 ft. lbs.
Rotation Direction same as machine spindle
Maximum Temp. 185F
Spindle Outputs*** M5, R6, R7, P1, Modular
**Other bell diameters, lengths, and types available.
***ER 40, saw blade, and shrink-fit available.

Dedicated Spindle Output Options

M5 - ER 25 Collet, range: 1-16mm shanks

R6 - ER 32 Collet, range: 3-20mm shanks

R7 - ER 40 Collet, range: 4 - 26mm shanks

P1 - Prolock spindle, range 1.5 - 4mm shanks


Modular System Options (blue)
Modular spindle outputs are all user interchangeable and provide the greatest flexibility of tool output choices

S1- Modular Saw Spindle

P1 - Modular Saw Arbor, range: 1.5 - 4 mm shanks

M5 Modular ER 25

07 Modular Arbor

08 Modular Arbor

09 Modular Arbor

R6 Modular ER 32

R7 Modular ER 40