Morbidelli Universal TV CNC Machining Center

SKU: Morbidelli Universal TV
Morbidelli’s Universal TV working centers are heavy duty machines designed to fulfill the needs of those woodworkers seeking high machining speed and high quality with even the most demanding applications.  The operating unit is fixed directly to the sturdy mobile beam to ensure perfect load distribution and total absence of vibration.

Technical Specifications

  • X axis working area 3660mm
  • Y axis working area 1250mm
  • Panel passage 130mm
  • Max independent vertical spindles - 18
  • Max independent horizontal spindles - 8
  • Boring head speed rpm 6000
  • Integrated Saw-blade diameter 120mm
  • Electrospindle kW (S1) 8,5 / 14
  • Max tools on the Tool Change Crib 32
  • Weight machine (approx) kg 3500
  • 5' work table with FOUR loading zones