FREUD LU89M010 10X72 TCG Thick Non-Ferrous Metal Blade

SKU: LU89M010

10" DIA. 72 TCG 5/8 ARBOR .122 KERF .098 PLATE. LU89M series blades for cutting nonferrous metal such as copper pipe, aluminum extrusions, brass plate, etc. These blades have custom designed gullets to minimize chip build-up and specially formulated MicroGrain carbide tips and Tri-Metal brazing for long life and clean cuts. Freud recommends ample use of a liquid lubricant when cutting. This can be accomplished with a squirt of WD-40 or other lubricant every 4 or 5 cuts or with an elaborate industrial drip system. Wax sticks are not recommended. - Thick MicroGrain carbide tips - Laser cut blade bodies and expansion slots - Kickback reducing design - Tri-metal brazing impact-resistant tips - Covered by Freud's Limited Lifetime Warranty