FREUD LU90M010 10X100 TCG Thin Non-Ferrous Metal Blade

SKU: LU90M010

10" DIA. 100 TCG 5/8 ARBOR .110 KERF .087 PLATE. The LU90M series of blades was designed specifically to cut thin, nonferrous metal extrusions such as aluminum storm window frames without damaging the delicate profiles. The high number of specially formulated MicroGrain carbide tips and the slightly positive hook angle allow these blades to slice quickly and cleanly through the material without binding. Freud recommends ample use of a liquid lubricant when cutting. This can be accomplished with a squirt of WD-40 or other lubricant every 4 or 5 cuts or with an elaborate industrial drip system. Wax sticks are not recommended. - Laser-cut blade bodies and expansion slots - Kickback reducing design - Tri-metal brazing impact-resistant tips - Covered by Freud's Limited Lifetime Warranty