FREUD LU97M010 10X80 TCG Double Sided Laminate/Melamine Blade

SKU: LU97M010

10" DIA 80 TCG 5/8" ARBOR .126 KERF .87 PLATE\r\nFreud's LU97R gives ultra long life and excellent finish on the top and bottom of laminates, melamines, and veneered plywood. - Laser-cut anti-vibration slots drastically reduce vibration and sideways movement in the cut; extending blade life and giving a crisp, splinter-free flawless finish. - Triple Chip Grind (TCG) tooth design with a negative hook angle provides superior life when cutting abrasive man-made materials. - Laser-cut blade bodies, anti-vibration slots and expansion slots ensure a superior blade that remains straight and true cut after cut. Thick MicroGrain carbide tips allow for more cuts between sharpenings. - Perma-SHIELD™ permanent coating reduces gumming and corrosion. - Covered by Freud's Limited Lifetime Warranty