CPC Feed Through Case Clamp

SKU: CPC Feed Through

The SAP 3L-ARM is a belt driven thrufeed hydraulic case clamp capable of exerting strong operating pressures to close cabinets made from dowels, thus maintaining a perfectly square and rigid case at the end of the pressing cycle. The SAP 3L-ARM also offers all the advantages of electronic control of cycle and pressure. This model is completely automatic. The work piece is automatically measured as it moves into the clamping zone and in some instances the pre-positioning of the clamp is completed before the work piece arrives to the clamping position. Since no manual intervention is required, it allows for mass-production without having to batch work-orders.

Technical Specifications

  • 3 vertical pressing units
  • 6 horizontal pressing units
  • Conveyor speed 52ft/min
  • Working cycle approximately 20 xeconds
  • Clamping force is differentially and variably adjustable according to part being assembled
  • Polyester conveyor belt with low friction coefficient P.V.C. cover
  • Sensors at entrance of the case clamp transmit dimensional data of the work piece to the PLC
  • Timer placed on control board regulates work piece's pressing time