SCM Pratix S

SKU: Pratix S
Why buy used when you can have the NEW SCMI Pratix S CNC Router with a full manufacturers warranty for about the same cost? The Pratix S is the perfect match for those companies with limited space yet requiring the flexibility and performance of a CNC Router for an unbelievable price! Available in either 4 x 8 or 5 x 12 table sizes, the Pratix S can be equipped with a full range of options designed to meet your needs without exceeding your budget.


  • Working area X axis:
    • pratix s12 – 2480mm 
    • pratix s15 – 3686mm
  • Working area Y axis: 
  • pratix s12 – 1250mm 
  • pratix s15 – 1555mm
  • Panel clearance 150 mm
  • Vectorial speed X-Y axis 35 m/min
  • pratix s12 – 8 places
  • pratix s15 – 10 places
  • Side tool changer:
  • Max electrospindle motor power 6,6 (9) kW (Hp)
  • Boring head spindles: 7 vertical, 4 horizontal, blade in X