SKU: Dodds SE-25CNC-TS
Dovetailing, the hallmark of drawer construction, is one of the most popular forms of drawer joinery and is what your customers have come to expect. The SE-25CNC-TS machine world class dovetails. The drawers sides, fronts and backs are dovetailed from the same carbide tipped tooling assuring a tight dovetail fit. Most materials can be dovetailed without the need for filling or sanding of the assembled joint. This saves you time which will reduce your overall production costs.


  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Servo controls for consistency.
  • DODDS proven precision dovetail spindle unit.
  • Touch screen operator interface.
  • Zero fixture changeover.
  • Digital readouts for front/back side stops enabling the operator to process (2) parts at a time.
  • Can reduce manufacturing casts by eliminating filling and sanding
  • Dovetails solid and ply material.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Spring guides for drawer sides..
  • Additional side stop for drawer sides.
  • Pivoting operator interface..