JLT Large Capacity Drawer & Box Clamp

SKU: JLT-190C-M1

Large Capacity Drawer & Box Clamp - #190C-M1
Ideal for the custom shop who produce multiple size Drawers and Upper Boxes. Features an Upright Space Saving Design and easy to operate Pneumatic controls.


  • Large Capacity 12 x 48 x 48
  • Pneumatically Operated with Foot Pedal Activation
  • Includes (4) Heavy Duty Pneumatic Horizontal Clamps
  • Side Mounted Pressure Hold Kit with Lever Valve Activation
  • Produces up to 3500# of Clamping Pressure
  • Upright Vertical Working Design
  • Shipped Pre-Assembled
  • Footprint 70" L x 86" H x 32" W