JDS 2400 Air-Tech Filtration

SKU: 2400

Model 2400 is designed for commercial and industrial shops. It's powerful 3/4 HP can produce 2600 cfm of unrestricted air and 2410 cfm of filtered air. It will clean the air in a 50'x50'x10' area once every ten minutes. For larger areas, multiple units can be strategically placed. This model will remove the airborne dust and lint created by industrial processing. For the removal of chemical odors and fumes that are often associated with finishing procedures, an optional charcoal module is available. The filtration system will remove 99-percent of dust particles as small as five microns and 91-percent of particles as small as one micron in size. \r\n A powerful blower motor will quietly circulate and filter the air in your room. No outside venting is required and existing room temperature is not affected. The JDS Air-Tech will operate most efficiently mounted to the ceiling. If a ceiling location is not convenient, a tabletop or shelf may be used. The more elevated the location, the less the air flow will be restricted. In larger areas requiring a high volume of air filtration, multiple units can be strategically placed.