Stefani Solution

SKU: Solution

The Solution is a customizable single sided bander that meets every edgebanding requirement and guarantees the highest working precision and reliability. Solution represents the highest edgebanding technology and can be equipped for thin, ABS and solid wood edge processing, for aluminum edges processing or softforming processing.

Technical Specifications

  • Hot Melt Glue EVA or PUR
  • Panel height 10-60 mm
  • Pressure beam Hold down belt or Idle wheels
  • Machine handling PC Office
  • Standard Feed speed 12 - 25 m/min Variable speed
  • Work function Straight or Softforming
  • Feed track 1” ¼ Chain
  • High Productivity glue systems with reverse & quick release Glue Pots
  • Complete servo driven units on THK guides for maximum productivity with small batches
  • Able to apply PVC, ABS, Veneer, solid wood, HPL strips, Aluminum edge treatments
  • Top steel pressure beam electronically or manually positioned