dodds c-48m universal drawer clamp

SKU: Dodds C-48M
Ideal for both custom and long production runs, this machine features almost zero set up time and requires no set up tools. It has powered opening and closing for different drawer widths, and quick set stop pins for different drawer depths. Model C-48M, assembles drawers with standard English (finger type) dovetails, french (sliding type) dovetails, bored and doweled drawers, tongue and dado, box and butt joints.


  • Electrical controls for machine operation.
  • No tools needed for set up.
  • Assembles several types of drawer construction.
  • Assembles drawers with or without lipped fronts.
  • Pneumatic powered screw for automatic opening, closing, and clamping.
  • Large upper clamp pads to minimize set-up.
  • Adjustable height lower clamp pads for lipped drawer fronts.
  • Center support for wide drawers.
  • Foot pedal operation.
  • Quick release of clamp pressure built into foot pedal.
  • Accessibility for securing the drawer bottom.
  • Continuous clamping of the drawer until the drawer bottom is secured with hot melt or staples.
  • Width scale for quick set up.
  • Larger clamp capacity.
  • Vertical clamp on each column.
  • Central vertical clamp for drawers 30" and wider.
  • Horizontal feed cylinders for french dovetail drawer sides.
  • Vertically adjustable base legs.
  • Drawer front stop assembly for lipped or french dovetailed fronts.
  • Finger senor controls in lieu of foot pedal.
  • Symmetrically opposite.