SawStop 5hp 10 In Cabinet Saw

SKU: ICS513230

With the SawStop® Safety System the blade stops and retracts on accidental contact. Protection is always on. Performs continuous self checks. Invisible protection  does not intefere with work. Compatible with all standard blades. Works on all woods and non-conductive materials. Includes bypass switch for cutting metal. European style riving knife to minimize kickback \r\nLow profile blade guard for narrow cuts. Quick-change mount for guard and riving knife \r\nLarge start/stop paddle for hands-free shut off. Main power switch with removable lock-out key \r\nMagnetic contactor motor control \r\nBlade shroud for improved dust collection. Zero-clearance insert \r\nExtra heavy castings. Widely spaced trunnions. Infinitely adjustable trunnion assembly for precision alignment. Cast iron extension wings. Vertical slide blade elevation for increased stability. Powerful 5HP motor \r\nLong-lasting V-ribbed belts. 8 cast iron handwheels. Two access doors in cabinet. Powder-coated cabinet. Optional T-Glide" Fence System. Optional 36" or 52" extension table.