Fisher + Ruckle AF-Twin double knife guillotine

SKU: F+R-AF-Twin

AF-twin Double Knife Veneer Guillotine

  • for the absolutely parallel cutting of veneer bundles in length in one pass

  • lighter construction based on the AFD double knife guillotine’s solid and rugged build

  • quick and easy operation

  • hydraulically driven knife and pressure beam

  • knife beam with double-sided bearings for absolutely rigid knife movements

  • dipping angle / cutting angle approx. 20° / 45°


Cutting Width: 5-360mm
Pressure Beam Opening: 80mm
Pressure Beam Width: 400mm
Cutting Lengths: 3200mm & 3800mm

Fisher + Rückle's AF-TWIN series of double knifed guillotines was designed to meet the production demands of the architectural industry for speed of cut and for paralel cutting of veneers to width. Similar to our AFD series but with a slightly reduced price advantage. We listened to our customers needs and the AF-TWIN series is the result