Edge Lipping Planer
Model: CE53S
(Replacing old model AP98)
Newer Model
Same specification
but more powerful
1300 Watts
This specialty planer is used for flush planing
of edges that are added to a board.
Continuous cutting depth adjustment with no minimum

increment allows you to do precision flush planning of
edges up to 2.25" (55mm), solid surface, hardwood,
softwood, laminates & PVC edges.

Non-scratch Teflon coated base slides on the work
surface. The blades are positioned by a guide from the
edge, and cuts only up to the width of the tape.
Height adjustment is made by moving the base up or
down, with no minimum increment, therefore creating
a complete flush finish.

The weight of the machine rests on the board. This

machine is intentionally heavy (17 lbs) to eliminate
any vibration, allowing safe and easy use.

Remove the fence and flush plane the center seam

easy to work with on all solid surface materials.

Flush plane the excess lip, quick, fast, and safely.

Saves time, no waste or damage to the board.

Removal rate of 1/8" (3 mm) per pass
strong and sturdy, 15 lbs (6.5 Kg)
1,300 W, 10,000 RPM, 110 V.

Includes a set of spare carbide reversible, double sided,

self-indexing blades, which slide into the blade holder.

Next the blade holders are put into the drum and secured with lock nuts.