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Finally, a safe environment friendly cleaner that is more effective than all those hazardous chemicals used to clean cutting tools. Saw shops know how to get the most out of cutting tools. They know that the pitch and resin wood leaves behind greatly shortens the useful life of carbide. We had several quality saw blade sharpeners across the country test our Formula 2050. Phenomenal and similar words were heard over and over about the performance of Formula 2050. Most blade and bit cleaning products work with a dissolving action. It takes some powerful and nasty chemicals to dissolve wood residues and adhesives. Our safe and non-toxic Formula 2050 penetrates the microscopic cracks in the resin and attacks the bond between it and the carbide or steel surfaces. The resin releases it's grip and you simply wipe it off. Clean cutting surfaces run cooler and work less in the cut. The excess friction of a resin coated blade causes heat build-up and carbide break down. Formula 2050 keeps your tooling clean and helps you increase the life span between sharpenings and replacement. We guarantee your satisfaction with the performance of our CMT Formula 2050 Blade and Bit Cleaner. Removes pitch, resin and adhesive residue from all woodworking cutting tools (Saw blades, router bits, drill bits, shaper cutters, planer blades, etc.) Completely non-toxic, non-flammable, certified biodegradable. Formula 2050 is a safe, earth-friendly product. Do not rinse after cleaning. Formula 2050 provides protection from rust and corrosion. Keeps your table saw top rust free too! Can be applied by spray bottles or used in ultrasonic cleaners and dip tanks. This is not an orange citrus based product.