Ultra Line Vario

SKU: Ultra Line Vario

Vario – Variable Angle Aggregate Head


  • Vario Aggregate head can route, drill, and mortise any angle from -100 ° to 100° (ultra line)
  • Most flexible of any aggregate head
  • Create "impossible" custom profiles and mortises
  • Faster sizing and grooving (saw blade) than with router bits

Ultra Line aggregates are lubricated in an oil bath and are sealed from all contaminants for extended life under heavy-duty conditions. We recommend Ultra Line aggregates for sawing using blades larger than 7", V-grooving, heavy routing applications, cutting MDF, composite materials, or cutting aluminum.


Output Options:      
Application   Boring, routing, and sawing
Spindle Speed Max.   12,000 RPM
Tool Speed Max.   12,000 RPM
Rotation   Aggregate can be rotated 360°
Gear Ratio   1:1
Swiveling Range   0° to 100°
Maximum Torque   15 ft. lbs.
Maximum Temp.   185° F
 Outputs Available   K1, K2

 K1 ER25 Mini Nut DIN 6499

 K2 30mm x 45mm x 52mm