Function Line Vario

SKU: Function Line Vario

Vario – Variable Angle Aggregate Head


  • Vario Aggregate head can route, drill, and mortise any angle from 0° to 100°
  • Most flexible of any aggregate head
  • Create "impossible" custom profiles and mortises
  • Faster sizing and grooving (saw blade) than with router bits

Function Line aggregates are grease lubricated for standard duty operation. They provide the greatest number of configurations and application specific tool output options.


Output Options:
  Application   Boring, routing, and sawing
  Spindle Speed Max.   15,000 RPM
  Tool Speed Max.   15,000 RPM
  Rotation   Aggregate can be rotated 360°
  Gear Ratio   1:1
  Swiveling Range   0° to 100°
  Maximum Torque   15 ft. lbs.
  Spindle Direction   Opposite
  Maximum Temp.   185° F
  Outputs Available   K1, K2


K1 ER25 Mini Nut DIN 6499


 K2 Combination Saw Spindle