Smart Line Duo

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Smart Line Duo
Two Spindle Output Aggregate

Aggregate heads are used for:

  • combine drilling and sawing operations
  • creating custom profiles and mortises
  • faster sizing and grooving (saw blade)

Smart Line Aggregates are individually hand-built just like our other aggregate lines. They offer full aggregate functionality for standard duty operations in a compact design that is ideal for smaller routers.

Smart line aggregates are grease lubricated and offer an excellent price-to-performance ratio.



Smart Line Duo Output Options  
  Application   Boring, routing, and sawing
Spindle Speed Max.   8,000 RPM
Tool Speed Max.   12,000 RPM
Rotation   Aggregate can be rotated 360°
Gear Ratio   1:1.5

Spindle Direction

one tool spindle same as machine

spindle, one opposite

Maximum Torque   15 ft/lbs
Maximum Temp.   185° F
Outputs   M5, S1

 M5 - ER 25 Collet

  S1 - Saw Blade
30mm x 45mm