Ultra Line Duo

SKU: Ultra Line Duo

Duo – Two Spindle Output Aggregate Head

Aggregate heads are used for:

  • Speeding operations by combining tasks
  • Reducing the number of tool changes needed
  • Creating custom profiles and mortises
  • Faster sizing and grooving (saw blade)

Ultra Line aggregates are lubricated in an oil bath and are sealed from all contaminants for extended life under heavy-duty conditions. We recommend Ultra Line aggregates for sawing using blades larger than 7", V-grooving, heavy routing applications, cutting MDF, composite materials, or cutting aluminum.



Output Options (for Mono and Duo):  
  Application   Boring, routing, and sawing
  Spindle Speed   10,000 RPM
  Tool Speed Max.   15,000 RPM
  Rotation   Aggregate can be rotated 360°
  Gear Ratio   1:1.48
  Gear Reduction*   1:0.676 (*optional feature)
  Maximum Torque   15 ft. lbs.
  Maximum Temp.   185° F
  Outputs   M5, R6, S1, S2, P1, P2,

P3, P4, 05

 M5 - ER 25 Collet

 R6 - ER 32 Collet

 05 - Special Spindle

S1 - Saw Blade 30mm x 45mm

 S2 - Saw Blade 30mm x 52mm


 P1 - Prolock Spindle

 P2 - Prolock Spindle

P3 - Prolock Spindle



 P4 - Prolock Spindle