Morbidelli Planet HP CNC Router with Edgebanding

SKU: Planet HP
The Planet HP is the most flexible machine in the Morbidelli Line. It has the ability to execute boring, routing and end trimming all with a highly productive stroke. Perfectly finished panels completely describes the Planet HP thanks to the innovative glue system that applies the glue directly onto the piece and the high performance obtained by the opportunity to work with two panels simultaneously on mobile tables. Being able to perfect the machining of contoured parts in large production situations makes the Planet HP the perfect solution for profiling parts.

Technical Specifications

  • (2) 15 HP HSK liquid cooled router
  • (2) Vector 4th axis
  • (2) 12 Position rear tool changer
  • (2) 24 Spindle drilling head
  • 6 Coil Magazine (.4 – 3mm)
  • Tubeless vacuum system with 4 cups per table (32 total)
  • Working Area 181” x 70”
  • Max. speed – X/Y/Z 262/262/74 feet per minute
  • Drilling Head (2) 18 vertical drills (11+ 7)
  • Safety Mats and Protective Fence
  • OPTIONAL:20 HP router, Auto Pod, Bar code reader