Morbidelli Planet MX CNC Router with Edgebanding

SKU: Planet MX
The Morbidelli Planet MX is the complete solution for working profiled panels together with the application and the finishing of edges. The Planet MX has an edgebanding unit, in which the glue is applied directly on the profile of the panel, assuring a perfect hold to the tape. The various possibilities of compositions and the great choice of options, increases the performance of this machine, assuring the best solution for any level of productivity demand, also on single batches. This is the ideal machine for large production of contoured parts for furniture components and store fixtures.

Technical Specifications

  • 15 HP HSK liquid cooled router
  • Vector 4th axis
  • 18 Position rear tool changer
  • 24 Spindle drilling head
  • Working Area 175 or 63” for 2 panels” x 59”
  • Max. speed – X/Y/Z 262/262/74 feet per minute
  • Drilling Head 18 vertical drills (11+ 7)
  • Mobile / Removable Central Stops
  • Automatic lubrication
  • OPTIONAL:20 HP router, Additional 9 HP router, Saw unit for edgeband trimming, Horizontal router, Grooving saw, Auto Pod, Bar code reader