Morbidelli Universal Nested Based CNC Routers

SKU: Morbidelli NBR
The Morbidelli Universal 3612 & 3615 NBR CNC are two solutions perfect for any nested based cnc routing application. The Universal’s aluminum table is able to accommodate a 4 x 12 or 5 x 12 sheets of material. This is the ideal machine for production of cabinet parts, MDF doors, store fixtures and plastic components. A sturdy gantry frame assures the maximum rigidity and balance under dynamic loads. The boring unit, up to 18 spindle, is able to cover the full length of he working area, as the routing unit and the integrated saw unit and to perform one boring step in only one second. To assure a wide flexibility of use the Universal can hold up to 20 tools.

Technical Specifications

  • Closed Gantry Frame
  • Rake system for offloading parts
  • 12 HP HSK router
  • 12 Spindle drill head
  • Working area 144” x 49” or 144” x 61”
  • Max. speed – X/Y/Z 262/197/74 feet per minute
  • Automatic tool changer 10 position
  • Autotransformer 208/230/460 volt
  • OPTIONAL: Grooving saw, Horizontal drills & saw, Vector, Optional 20 Position tool Changer or 12 position on board