Ritter R220T Double Spindle Face Frame Pocket Borer

SKU: R220T

Designed for pocket joinery face frame construction. The machine provides the most efficient and economical method of frame joinery. Flush and tight joint construction is provided on all types of wood. The elimination of dowel boring, dowel and glue insertion, clamping time and joint misalignment provides up to 50% reduction in frame construction. The ability to disassemble a frame and reposition a joint without the loss of material adds to the systems productivity. The design of the pocket borer eliminates the need for glue to be applied to the joint. \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nSTANDARD FEATURES: R220T\r\n\r\n14-degree screw pocket \r\nDouble spindle \r\n1" spindle centers \r\nPneumatic boring stroke \r\n24" x 30" work table area \r\nSingle clamp cylinder \r\n24" back fence with (2) stops \r\nChip breaker table insert \r\n1.5 h.p. spindle drive motor \r\nFoot actuated boring cycle \r\n2-second pocket boring cycle \r\nMachine weight: 610 lbs\r\n\r\n