Gabbiani Galaxy 3 High Production Panel Saw

SKU: Gabbiani Galaxy3
The newest member to the Gabbiani family, the Galaxy 3 is a front and rear load high speed flexible panel saw. A TOP quality panel sizing centre, the Galaxy 3 is a clean, precise, reliable, durable, and fully customizable panel sizing solution. Its single beam is perfect for industrial applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Available in front, rear, or side loading/tri-lateral configurations
  • THK guides for the vertical and horizontal movement of the saw carriage
  • Patented quick blade change system
  • “Cutty” sheet optimization software
  • Maximum blade projection 110mm/130 mm
  • Main saw motor 30 hp
  • Scoring saw motor 2.4 hp
  • Main saw blade speed 3800 RPM
  • Scoring blade speed 4300 RPM
  • Feed speed 0-100 m/min. (0-328 ft/min), Return speed 100 m/min. (328 ft/min.)
  • Available in 3200, 3800 & 4500 mm cutting lengths