dodds universal dovetail gluer

SKU: Dodds GP-26F
DODDS, Model GP-26F, applies a precise amount of glue to the dovetail tenons though the use of metering pumps. The amount of glue applied is adjustable so there is no squeeze out when the drawer is assembled saving time in the assembly process.


  • Automatic glue system cleaning.
  • No tools required for set-up.
  • Fast, precise operation.
  • Selector switch for different drawer heights.
  • Large glue tank capacity.
  • Precise metering glue pumps.
  • Full range of product capability.
  • Longer machine length.
  • Glue finger for box joint.
  • Glue finger for French tenon joints.
  • Glue finger for rabbeted joints.
  • Glue finger for taper box.
  • Glue finger for 25mm center line.
  • Pivot option.
  • Second foot pedal for pivot option.