Omal Jolly Colla Automatic Glue Machine

SKU: Omal Jollycolla
A perfect complement for dowel construction for controlling the exact amount of glue to be deposited in the end panel prior to assembly in the case clamp. The automatic multifunctional glue dosing machine, Jollycolla is designed to spread dosed quantities of glue either with continuous or impulse mode. The precision quantity adjustment is performed by means of potentiometers while the spreading is controlled with a single impulse by means of electric push buttons placed on the gun. The machine is equipped with two large pressurized tanks, one for the product to be applied and one for the washing liquid, with selecting device on the control panel.

Technical Specifications

  • Glue tank, Washing tank
  • Glue viscosity range: 1500-4000 cps*
  • Pulse or continuous mode
  • Pistol grip glue gun