Omal Insert Linea 2000E

SKU: Omal Linea 2000E
OMAL Insert Linea 2000E is a FLEXIBLE double sided CNC drilling and hardware inserting machine. The machine is designed to drill and insert any type of hardware from Rafix, shelf clips, and plastic/wood dowels on the edges of panels, with one panel different form the next at 5-6 panels per minute. It comes equipped with easy to use software and can be configured to use in line with other machines or as a work cell equipped with loading and unloading. The Insert Linea 2000 can work different size panels at high speed without manual intervention. Equipped with OMAL’s “Sure Shot” system, the machine has a cycle time of approximately ONE second for each bore, glue, and dowel insertion when holes are on 32mm intervals!!

Technical Specifications

  • High flexibility, 5-6 parts per minute
  • CNC drill, glue and dowel insertion unit(s)
  • Hardware insertion units, vibratory feeders for alignment
  • Top drilling optionally available
  • Optional return coveyor for one man operation
  • Each drilling/insertion unit equipped with "Sure Shot" sensor technology
  • Trouble free hardware insertion