Omal Multi HG Hinge Boring and Insertion

SKU: Omal Multi HG
The OMAL HG Multi CNC Hardware Inserter has two drill and insertion units and can process up to an 8' long DOOR. The machine can drill and insert from below the hinge of your choice. Optionally, the machine can drill and insert hardware on Ready To Assemble closet and drawer parts with CNC accuracy and flexibility.

Technical Specifications

  • Automatic drilling and hinge insertion
  • Left side drilling/insertion unit fixed
  • Right side drilling/insertion unit moveable
  • Didgtal readout for 3 and for hinge doors
  • Work cycle is automatic, less than 4-5 seconds per cycle
  • Each drilling/insertion unit equipped with sensor to prevent drilling into pre-inserted hinges
  • Optional CNC positioning of hinge
  • Optional 3rd and 4th head for multiple hinge doors