Omal RF1 Rafix Inserter

SKU: Omal RF1
The OMAL Insert RF F1 Hardware Insertion Machine is designed to drill and insert RAFIX or similar hardware. The machine is offered with an interchangeable hopper system for different colored inserts. The machine is standard with single unit and comes optional with TWO insertion units - one fixed and one moveable. The right side drilling/insertion unit is moveable by hand and easily locked in position plus this can be motorized with numerical control and bar code as an option. The work cycle is approximately 4 seconds per cycle.

Technical Specifications

  • Automatic drilling and hardware insertion machine
  • Quick change hopper system for changing fitting colors quickly
  • One bottom drill and insertion head
  • 2 precision side stops, manually adjustable with inch/metric scale
  • Top drill for thru boring of bottom shelves
  • PLC system
  • Drill arrangement for single and double Rafix fitting