Langzauner LZ 5/2E veneer saw

SKU: Lang-LZ5/2E
The Langzauner LZ 5/2E is a saw and jointing combination for the high quality cutting requirements of the commercial woodworker. This machine provides clean joint, splinter-free cutting of veneers, plastics, plastic laminate panels, acrylic, various types of wood, light metals, cardboard, and other similar materials.

Mechanical Details


Pneumatic lifting and lowering of each unit via a hand-valve on LM-system guide units with integrated dust-scraper.   Horizontal guiding of both units on a hardened and ground precision shaft with integrated dust-scraper.   Power supply chain to the units.
Format table with manual, adjustable parallel fence and insert shoes.   Depth of stop: 500mm and pneumatic fence stop.   Additional equipment: hinged or pneumatically liftable insert shoes and digital indication.
  Front material support table in moveable design with high-quality, abrasion-proofed, anodized surface.
  Angle Stop Ruler with Digital Indication removable, digital indication in 0.1 degree, +/- 45 degrees.
  Pneumatic hinged stop for cropping jobs on the rear format table at the angle bracket left-sided mounted-hinged with a pneumatic valve.  Adjustable area: 10mm - with guide bar, measuring tape, lens, and clamping lever.  Maximum depth: 850mm.
  Double Horizontal Guiding. Horizontal guiding of both units on two hardened and ground precision shafts via ball bushings.
   Hinged insert shoes for cutting depth of 800mm.