Baker A and AX Resaw Bandsaw

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Baker Model A Single Head
Model Number: Baker Model A Single Head
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Named for the shape of its frame, the Baker “A” Band Resaw is great for all your resawing needs. You’ll cut at speeds not possible on
many band resaws costing much more. Resaw everything on it, or use it for short runs. Use it to cut boards or cants, or reclaim slabs.
The Baker “A” fits in a 3/4 ton short-bed pick-up, so load it up and take it with you. Accuracy, dependability, economy, simplicity,
versatility, and low maintenance are combined into one affordable resaw. That is why the Baker “A” is the most popular band resaw
in the world.


• 20-HP electric motor standard
• 6” wide hydraulically-powerdriven conveyor with roughtop belting
• 28” diameter, CNC-machined, dynamically-balanced, solid, all-steel band wheels
• 13’-2”x1”x0.035” or 13’-2”x1¼”x0.035” hardback band blades
• Baker’s Exclusive Low-Profile Flat Plate Guide System with Rear Guide Wheel
• Hydraulic variable feed speed control, powered by main drive motor
• Spring blade tensioning
• Compact size (7’ square) fits into almost any size of operation
• Heavy-duty construction
• Simple to operate and maintain
• Extra-wide models available
• Many options available


Power Baker “A” & “AX”
Band Resaws
Product specifications are subject to change without notice. 03/19/10
Production Rate: Feed speeds relative to width of cut, hardness of material being cut.
Band Wheels: CNC-machined, dynamically balanced 28 in. (71 cm) all steel wheels.
Guides: Baker Low Profile Flat Guides with steel guide plates.
Baker “A”: 13’-2” x 1” x 0.035” or 13’-2” x 1¼” x 0.035” hardback
Baker “AX”: 14’-2” x 1” x 0.035” or 14’-2” x 1¼” x 0.035” hardback
Blade Tensioning: Mechanical, spring
Machine Dimensions: Height: 68 in. (1.73 m) Length: 84 in. (2.13 m) Width: 84 in. (2.13 m)
Machine Weight Baker “A”: Approx. 1,750 lbs. (794 kg) Baker “AX”: Approx. 2,000 lbs. (907 kg)
Dust Connection: 4 in. (102 mm) diameter, 600 CFM required
Hold-down System: Top-mounted, holding point at the blade. Five (5) in. diameter solid polyolefin heavy-duty wheels.
Main Drive Motor: “A”: 20-HP (15 kw) TEFC “AX”: 30 HP (22 kw) TEFC
Feedworks and Conveyors: Hydraulic motor driven by main motor/main engine.
Electrical: 240v or 480v. Completely prewired. NEMA 12 enclosure with disconnect, starter, and circuit overload protection.
All other voltages are available.
Feed Speed: Fully variable, 0 - 120 fpm (0 - 36.5 mpm)
Feed Speed is controlled by a hydraulic flow control valve.
Cutting Height: ¼”-6” (6 mm-152 mm)
Material Length: Unlimited/Continuous Feed
Material Sizes:
“A”: 7 in. x 7 in. (178 mm x 178 mm) or 10 in. x 4 in. (254 mm x 102 mm) above the blade with conveyor set at 0°
“AX”: 13 in. x 7 in. (330 mm x 178 mm) or 16 in. x 7 in. (406 mm x 178 mm) above the blade with conveyor set at 0°
Infeed and Outfeed Turnarounds Powered Hold-Over Wheels Powered Hold-Down Wheels


• Simple Slide Return system
• 24-HP gasoline engine
• Rear non-powered hold-down
• Diagonal cut attachment
• 30-HP TEFC motor on “A” model
• 40-HP TEFC motor on “AX” model
• Shingle belt
• Powered Hold Down
• Infeed & Outfeed TurnArounds
• Powered Hold Over
• Material Handling Conveyor
• Air Tensioning
• Tilting Feedworks with Degree Meter (see Model “AB”/”ABX” literature)