Vista M-20 Angle Boss

SKU: M20

The Vista Model M-20 Auto-Set machine was developed to satisfy one or more of the following: Cut list runs are extremely short (less than 6 pieces) between angle set-ups or multiple angle cuts on same workpiece. Cutting 2x6 material on edge for rake wall manufacturing. Removal of possible operator error when adjusting for angle settings. \r\nEasiest and quickest possible method of machine adjustment. \r\nM-20 Auto-Set machines miter cut up to 75 degrees from 0 (90 degree cut). Cut length on 1-1/2" thick material with fence at standard position (single point of cut) - 12 inches. Typical cuts are 90 deg. on 2x12s - 30 deg. on 2x10s - 45 deg. on 2x8s - 60 deg. on 2x6s - 70 deg. on 2x4s. M-20 Auto-Set machines are capable of cutting 2x6s on edge for bevel cuts. 4x4s cut with ease.\r\nFence rails on machines are positioned centerline of table. This keeps the cut at the fence line in same position regardless of angle setting.\r\n