Gabbiani Axioma 125 Angular Panel Saw

SKU: Gab Axioma125
The Axioma 125 represents the right investment for those who require total solutions for high quality panel sizing. A high speed, flexible and highly automated angular panel sizing system, with the Axioma 125 you get it all. With the Axioma you truly are able to experience over 40 years of woodworking knowledge and experience put into Gabbiani Panel Saws.

Technical Specifications

  • THK guides for the vertical and horizontal movement of the saw carriage
  • Optimized and tilt able side aligners
  • Pneumatic quick blade change system
  • Rack & pinion saw carriage
  • Arbor size for all blades 80mm
  • Maximum blade projection 125 mm (4.92")
  • Main saw motor 30 hp
  • Scoring saw motor 2.4 hp
  • Main saw blade diameter 420 mm (15-3/4")
  • Scoring saw blade diameter 200 mm (7 7/8")
  • Main saw blade speed 3800 RPM