SCM SI 400 EP3 Class Sliding Table Saw with 3 Axis

For woodworkers requiring a saw with higher production capabilities, the SI 400 EP-3 16" saw is designed with higher production capacity in mind. The 3 axes powered controller controls blade height and angle, and powered rip fence movement via the electronic controller. Additionally, the "Easy" controller calculates stop positions for mitre and double mitre cuts with great accuracy and ease. This unit’s main feature is the “Full Mobile Support” crosscut fence with 3 digital readouts, flip stops and digital readout for angle set-ups. This allows the operator to go from square cuts to angle cuts in only a matter of seconds.

Technical Specifications

  • 9hp main motor with separate 1hp scoring motor with external setup and stops for quick repositioning of the blade
  • Motor control buttons integrated into the sliding carriage
  • "EZ Dial" adjustable split scoring blade assembly
  • Heavy duty crosscut fence with flip stops
  • Quick attach crosscut fence that automatically squares itself with digital readouts
  • Gantry mounted pivoting blade guard with integrated dust outlet
  • Full mobile support crosscut fence with digital readouts