Elkom MultiTherm Thermoforming Station

SKU: Elkom-Multitherm

The unique high performance thermoforming station for solid surface, acrylics and thermoplastics.

ELKOM, the worldwide leader in heating platen technology for the plastics industry has developed this outstanding combination machine which offers: high performance, efficiency, safety, floor space saving and optimum price performance ratio. MULTITHERM is made for single and mass production of shaped parts at low production costs. The design is totally unique to the industry. The preheating station and the vacuum press can be used together or independently from each other. That increases productivity. The central control panel makes the machine easy to operate. The machine combines heating- and cooling capabilities as a standard.

  1. Central Control-Panel
  2. Extremely strong frame made of high-grade aluminum extrusions
  3. Multi-perforated vacuum platen made of anodised aluminum, coolable or heatable as a standard
  4. Top-table of the heating chamber moves up and down automatically
  5. Drawer of the heating chamber opens and closes automatically
  6. Safety-bumper (drawer closes when touched)

High performance with minimum floor space. As a result, just one person can run the machine, even when complicated shapes are produced. The drawer of the heating chamber works automatically. The material can be loaded or unloaded and with an easy touch, the heating chamber-drawer closes automatically within seconds. Much less heat energy loss compared with dated solutions with hinged heating platen tables. Self optimising temperature controllers for minimum energy need.

Within only a few seconds the preheated, pliable material is put on the vacuum machine and the vacuum is applied. The high performance vacuum pump has a larger vacuum storage chamber as well as the unique aluminum profile frame with the silicone gasket/membrane and is very easy to use.

The working platen of the vacuum machine is equipped with cooling capabilities. This comes as a standard feature (ELKOM ÖKOTHERM cooling platen with perforated surface / patented). As a result, mass prduction of shaped solid surface parts is possible (e.g. 5 minutes total cycle time for a 1/2“ solid surface bowl). Cooling unit can be sold separately. Extra cooling- circuits and vacuum-circuits under the membrane for big moulds as a standard.

MULTITHERM is the fastest and most effective thermoforming system worldwide. You will save floor space, time, energy, labor costs and money. With the ELKOM MULTITHERM you will get professional thermoforming results for shops with limited floor space, have the newest and fastest thermoforming technology available in the world. Produced completely in Germany, built to last and backed by ELKOM’s piece of mind warranty.