Fisher + Ruckle AF Single Knife Guillotine


AF Single Knife Veneer Guillotine

  • for the cutting of veneer bundles of up to 5,3 m in length

  • rigid construction, solid and heavily built machine bed

  • hydraulically driven knife and pressure beam

  • knife beam with double-sided bearings for absolutely rigid knife movements

  • dipping angle / cutting angle approx. 20° / 45°

  • optional trimming mode

  • optional strip cutting mode

    Cutting Length: 2500mm-4500mm
    Cutting Height: 75 mm
    Veneer Width: 25-1000mm
    Cutting Angle: 20-45 degrees

For clean and rectangular trimming of veneer bundles up to 75 mm thickness. Thanks to its high productivity and its extreme precision, this heavy-duty guillotine is the perfect machine for preparing the veneer strips for splicing