Fisher + ruckle sprint

SKU: F+R-Sprint

In one pass, the Sprint skillfully splices all types of pre glue veneer producing a beautiful seamless joint.

Mechanical Details:

Our Experience Shows in the Details

Operator Panel



The compact and clearly arranged operator panel enables the operator to continuously set splicing speed, pressure gauges, temperatures and other relevant parameters.




Veneer infeed is done automatically after manual alignment. A staggered-free joint and easiest infeed guaranteed.

Infeed and Throughput


Einzug und Vorschub

The well-approved disc infeed enables accurate and staggered-free veneer infeed at high throughput speeds.

Hydraulic Direct Drive


Hydraulischer Direktantrieb

The unique hydraulic direct drive ensures high, controlled forces during veneer splicing.

Throughput and Veneer Splicing


Vorschub und Furnierzusammenzug

The high-grade stainless steel hinge chain feeds the veneer strips through the heating zones, ensures high joint pressures and guarantees a fully closed joint.

Working Speed: 10-40 m/min. max
Veneer Length: 300 mm - 4,000 mm
Veneer Width: 45 mm - 900 mm
Veneer Thickness: 0.4 mm - 1.5 mm